The Port

Overlooking one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Sardinia, its structure is perfect from a technical point of view. It has been awarded the European Blue Flag which rates the cleanest and best equipped European ports (docks quality, facilities and security, environmental education and information). It offers more than 650 safe docking points.

Spiaggia Punta Lepre

Via del Molo

In 2007, Emanuel Chapalain - a young Breton artist - was entrusted with the task of modernizing Via del Molo. This street represents “the food chain”: a stone path composed of a wave in which fish eat smaller fish, showing the continuous circle of life. This path is composed of yellow granite, yellow sandstone, red porphyry, grey basalt and, for the waves, marble of Orosei. Fish eyes, made of Murano glass, turn on at night thank to an electrical led system.

Via del Molo

Piazza San Marco

Simply known also as “la piazzetta”, it was designed by the sculptor Andrea Cascella. It is circular, paved with more than one thousand truncated cone-shaped blocks, made of granite extracted from caves nearby and hand-worked by skilled local stonecutters. Seen from above, it is a spiral formed by an upside down cone-shaped seal with a fissure looking towards north engraved on its base.

Spiaggia Ira

Chiesa di San Lorenzo     

Designed and built when the village was born by the sculptors Andrea Cascella e Mario Ceroli, its access is an impressive flight of steps which consists of 35 steps and is the architectural connection between the Church and Piazza San Marco. At the entrance we find the megalithic cross and - inside the church - the altar, both made of granite and created by the sculptor Andrea Cascella. The interior of the church is in the shape of an upside down bottom of a ship, decorated with thousands of shaped figures made of Russian pine wood, carved by the sculptor Mario Ceroli and representing Porto Rotondo’s important historical personalities. Particulars as the world of the young, the tree of life, The Last Supper, the flight to Egypt and the Last Judgement are represented. In 2008/2009 the Church of San Lorenzo was finished thanks to the newborn Fondazione Porto Rotondo and its members as well, besides Consorzio’s outstanding contribution. Last works, also created by Ceroli, are: the bell tower, the portal and the stained glass window depicting the Deposition from the Cross, the south-facing façade with its rose window made in Murano and - between capitals - the inscription to San Lorenzo engraved in grey Sardinian granite. Moreover, Piazza San Marco’s flooring and the south-facing façade of the Church embellished with the last six Popes’ profiles: Pius XII (Pacelli), John XXIII (Roncalli), Paul VI (Montini), John Paul I (Luciani), John Paul II (Wojtyla), Benedict XVI (Ratzinger). The profile of Mother Teresa from Calcutta completes piazzetta dei Papi (Popes’ square).

Punta Nuraghe

Mario Ceroli Theatre    

It stands perpendicular to the Church, to Cascella’s square and to the port - as it was in Greek Polis. The project - planned during the 80’s and carried out with the help of the architects Gianfranco Fini and Marina Sotgiu - was inspired by Roman and Greek theatres. It is completely made of granite. The stage colonnade and the impressive high relieves Ceroli placed on the external tambour immediately draw attention to themselves. The whole structure is semicircular and characterized by a wooden floor stage and a permanent backcloth with glass windows. The theatre can accommodate 700 people approximately.

Spiaggia dei Sassi

Piazzetta delle Ginestre

Recently built behind the shopping area named La Residenza sul Porto, it is characterized by a fountain and a white marble sculpture by the sculptor Giovanni Manganelli, named La Tuffatrice (The Diver).

Piazza Deiana

Recently built close to La Vecchia Darsena and Casbah squares, it is characterized by typical shops.

Spiaggia Hruska

Piazza Sangregorio (Vecchia Darsena)

It is close to the main dock, and it is possible to get there also through Piazza Deiana and Piazza San Marco. Piazza Sangregorio - once fishermen’s wet dock and because of it also known as Vecchia Darsena - was created by the sculptor Giancarlo Sangregorio.

Spiaggia delle Alghe

Piazza Casbah

It is possible to reach this little gem hidden among surrounding buildings through a flight of steps connecting it with the port or through Piazza Sangregorio. It is characterized by little handicraft shops and because it is seat of the first meeting place of Porto Rotondo.

Piazza Casbah

Piazza Paguro (Sporting)

Overlooking the port, close to Hotel Sporting, it has shops, a bar and a restaurant. Mainly frequented by those who come to Porto Rotondo by boat and land on its awesome port.

Punta Lada

Piazza Rudalza

Overlooking and watching the entrance to the port, with its simple, cosy style and its shops, bars and restaurants it is considered to be the most beautiful deck on the sea of Porto Rotondo.

Spiaggia di Mortorio

Piazza Quadra

Characterized by shops, restaurants and a wide parking area. It is in a key point of the village.

Piazza Quadra

La passeggiata del Porto

Full of Mediterranean allure with its typical red-roof houses, it flanks the Port. Lovely little squares, elegant meeting places and cosy clubs and pubs confer on this Promenade a picturesque atmosphere.

Spiaggia di Marinella

Yacht Club Porto Rotondo    

The Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, one of Porto Rotondo’s most distinctive features, has its seat in a building on the quay. Founded in 1985 by a group of sea lovers who were bound to this place for several different reasons, since its very first year it established itself in this wonderful building made of larch, built by the architect Malgaretto from Veneto. Although it kept part of its autonomy, in 1987 the Yacht Club became a branch of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, which President was then the Aga Khan. In those years the cooperation with the “headquarter” of Porto Cervo materialized in mutual exchange of important club members, an intense international sport activity and prestigious vintage boats festivals to end up after 10 years by mutual consent. A separation mainly meant to meet both Clubs’ requirements and enhance all the specificities that had emerged during their long, successful collaboration.
(Source: Yacht Club Porto Rotondo official website - .

Punta degli Asfodeli
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